The WASP ( Wide Area Surveillance Protection Platform)  is IEC Infrared and Precision Remotes response to the US Army's call for advanced forward operating base protection in wooded and forested enviroments. The WASP is a rapidly deployable trailer based force protection system providing advanced warning to insure threats to base perimeters are detected and communicated as early as possible. Command and Control can also remotely respond to threats with a non-lethal or very lethal solution 24 hours a day in all weather conditions. 

  • 360 Coverage with the IEC Werewolf with long and short range night and day cameras.
  • PRL Trap T-360 Remotely Operated Weapons System 
  • Will-Burt Stiletto HD Military Mast - wieght capacity 400 pounds
  • ViperIR Command and Control Software integrates with most systems.
  • Detection sensors integration includes radar, acoustic, visual and unmanned ground sensors (UGS)
  • Fully opertional  in 20 minutes, self contained, compact supply can be deployed without resupply for 10 days.  



  • Surveillance for temporary FORWARD OPERATING BASES
  • Border Surveillance
  • Major Event Surveillance and Crowd Control
  • Protection of CONSTRUCTION SITES
  • Protection of OIL and GAS INFRASTRUCTURE