Standard Warranty

The standard warranty on all materials supplied by Precision Remotes LLC is (1) one year from date of delivery. An initial (pre-installation) checkout (i.e., bench top test) of all systems must be done by customer prior to installation in order to validate this warranty.  This bench top test of these systems is to confirm that all equipment is in proper working order BEFORE installation commences and should be carried out within 3 weeks of delivery of the systems.  Precision Remotes LLC is not responsible for damage done to any products during shipping or installation.


If any items are found to be defective or inoperative due to materials or workmanship defects, Precision Remotes LLC will (at its discretion) either repair or replace the defective item for a period of (1) one year from the date of delivery.  The customer is responsible for dismounting the defective system and shipping it to Precision Remotes LLC (for evaluation and repair) and for re-mounting it after the repairs are completed.  Failures due to improper installation, improper use or circumstances beyond manufacturer’s control (e.g., blast damage from flying debris or shrapnel or other battle damage, overpressure loading beyond the design limits, lightning strikes, or other conditions) are not covered by this warranty and remain the customer’s responsibility.