Video of PRL T360 Mast Mounted




VelociRaptor Mobile Mast with TRAP T360



Will-Burt introduces ground-breaking mast technology which enables elevated surveillance and targeting on-the-move and accurate elevated line-of-sight fire by remote weapons on-the-halt.

The VelociRaptor mast delivers a unique combination of strength, stiffness, extcnsion/rctraction speed, payload lifting capacity, and mast size and weigfrt. These unique features allow:

  • Persistent surveillance and targeting on-thc-move -
    fully extended to 6 m (20 ft.), 100 kg |220 lbs.) payload at speeds up to 88 kmh (55 mph) on improved roads and 24 kmh (15 mph) on cross country terrain.
  • Accurate remote weapon station fire on-the-halt -
    less than 16 cm (6 inch) deflection under a 3.300 ft.-lbs. side force.


Travel on-the-movc with the mast fully extended at up to 88 kmh (55 mph) on improved roads, 56 kmh (35 mph) on unimproved roads. 24 kmh (15 mph) on cross-country terrain.


Enables rapid mission execution.

  • Extends and retracts in less than 15 seconds (on the-move / on the-halt).
  • Enables persistent surveillance and targeting without slowing or stopping forward motion.
  • Enables rapid egress from hostile situations.


High po«nting accuracy for superior surveillance and targeting at long distance - less than 16 cm (6 inch) tip deflection at full extension 6 m (20 ft) under a 3.300 ft.-lbs. side force.


Broad payload weight capability - elevates heavy payloads up to 300 kg (660 lbs.).


Small base footprint 46 cm (18 inch) diameter and internal drive allow installation flexibility - exterior or interior installation on wheeled or tracked vehicles.