The TRAP T-360 A3 (Figure 4) is made up of the base platform that houses all the electro-mechanical systems, ballistic computer, stabilization, and slip ring. The enclosure of all the operating systems within the housing is unique and sets the T-360 apart for other systems. The Weapon Sensor package attaches to the outside of the platform, and is co-axial with the weapon. The weapon mount and weapon actuators mount on top, and the ammo can and feed chute fits on the side. The system mounts to any NATO 2.5" pintle mount, Mk 16 Naval mount, or Delta tripod. The system is controlled by a hand controller attached by cable or wirelessly, or can be integrated into larger command and control systems (Figure 5).


Power (24-28 VDC) is the only other cable required for the system. The design makes installation and re-location of the T-360 simple; weighing only 82lbs, it is easily transported from vehicle to another, allowing the warfighter to change the mission quickly. For vehicle or tactical configurations, the system can be operated by one operator using the hand controller. This provides a display of the azimuth and elevation, target range, reticle, thermal, and day camera view with zoom. For operation, the operator turns the system on and then selects weapon safe, or fire options, semi-auto, three-round burst, or full auto. After the safety is released, the operator holds down dual fire triggers to engage the target, with first shot accuracy (of a properly sighted in system) measured to be 98%. Testing has shown accuracy of 91% of shots fired on target at 800 meters. Having this degree of control while stationary or moving is a massive advantage to the warfighter against in combat conditions.

The TRAP T-360 can utilize a variety of weapons systems, including the M249 SAW (5.56mm), M240B (7.62mm), and the ARES Electrically Powered Machine Gun (7.62mm). Other calibers and weapons systems, including the M2 0.50 cal, the M134 (5.56mm or 7.62mm) and the LWMMG (0.338NM) are available as custom options (Figure 6).


Additional features of the TRAP T-360 include:

  • Easy integration with other sensors such as radar for slew to cue target acquisition.
  • WSP (Weapons Sensor Package) includes Thermal Camera, Day Camera, Laser Range Finder, and GPS.
  • Can be manually crew-served within seconds with the release of two levers.
  • Tools-Free single person mounting and dismounting.
  • Unique high-speed precision aim 360-degree drive system.
  • 2 Axis Stabilized
  • Ballistic – Compensated Aim Point with stored target locations.
  • Physical Hard Stops and soft stops provide redundant "No-Fire" zones and "No Traverse" zones in both azimuth and elevations operations.