Modular Advanced Armed Robotic System



Powerful, modular and combat-ready, the Modular Advanced Armed Robotic System (MAARS®) from QinetiQ North America is an unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) designed expressly for reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition (RSTA) missions to increase the security of personnel manning forward locations. MAARS can be positioned in remote areas where personnel are currently unable to monitor their security, and can also carry either a direct or indirect fire weapon system.

Agile and combat-ready, MAARS is a technological breakthrough, taking its place on the frontline to keep warfighters at a safe distance from enemy fire while effectively executing their security missions. MAARS enables the remote emplacement of RSTA sensors into critical locations up to several kilometers away from the unit, providing early warning while enabling immediate response if required. Remotely controlled by an operator equipped with a lightweight, wearable control unit, MAARS features multiple onboard day and night cameras, motion detectors, an acoustic microphone, a hostile fire detection system, and a speaker system with a siren to provide optimum situational awareness and alarm.

We developed MAARS UGV through our partnership with various agencies in the Department of Defense. Using U.S. SOCOM and U.S. Army lessons-learned from the preceding development, testing and combat fielding of the weaponized SWORDS system, MAARS was freshly created from the ground up to meet U.S. SOCOM requirements. MAARS’ purpose-built system possesses advanced computing power, self-protection features, mobility, modularity, communications, sensor payloads, safety features, power management, maintainability and force application capabilities.

Advanced processing capabilities and an easy-to-use wearable control system make MAARS simple to operate and powerful. MAARS can even provide multiple options for the escalation of force when required by the Rules of Engagement (ROE), from non-lethal laser dazzlers and audio deterrents, to less-than-lethal grenades, to lethal fires from the grenade launcher or the medium machine gun. MAARS is also extremely safe and tamper proof as it can be operated only when receiving properly coded instructions from its operator.