W-MUTT with T-360A4 M2


Precision Remotes and General Dynamics Land Systems

W- MUTT & TRAP T-360 RWS Payload



 Precision Remotes (PRL) has teamed with General Dynamics Land Systems to develop one of the first successful wireless remotely controlled weaponized robots, W-MUTT (Weaponized manned-unmanned utility transport).  PRL has been developing and manufacturing Remotely Operated Weapon Stations (ROWS) and surveillance platforms since 1998, providing a powerful protection capability in any operational environment. GDLS and PRL both have a long history of government and commercial partnerships that have given them the robotic functional knowledge needed to create the W-MUTT.

 PRL has evolved the weapon system by designing, developing, testing, resulting in the premier suite of robotic weapon technologies. PRL's "vetted" suite of ROWS called TRAP (Tele-Present Rapid Aiming Platform), offers the U.S. Military flexibility to apply robotic TRAP technology into their rapidly evolving mission needs in minutes with the versatility to deploy either heavy or light, small arms capabilities in seconds.

PRL's ultra-light TRAP T-360 RWS' design, specifically meets the general characteristics for a remotely controlled Infantry squad armament that presently (or easily engineered) integrates with Army assets: land vehicle platforms and fixed-site installations.  The TRAP T360 provides a real and cost-effective solution that delivers dependable and repeatable results with extreme accuracy with less weight, reduced profile, and minimal setup time regardless of the mission requirement.

General Dynamics Land Systems
2ndGeneral Dynamics Land Systems (GDLS) develops automated systems for a broad range of commercial and government programs. We are a recognized leader in the design of tactical robotics and advanced automation systems for military, government, and industrial markets. With decades of expertise developing unmanned systems for the military and manufacturing automation systems for the USPS and commercial customers, GDRS provides cutting-edge solutions for today's most demanding technical challenges.

GDLS also designs and builds sophisticated sensors, sensor processing, command and control, and electromechanical systems that enable autonomous vehicle operations. Our capabilities and technologies have been successfully demonstrated time and again on many major DoD and Government programs including the Mobile Detection Assessment and Response System (MDARS), Army Brigade Combat Team Modernization (BCM), Autonomous Navigation System (ANS), the Robotics Collaborative Technology Alliance (RCTA), and the Combat Autonomous Mobility System (CAMS).


General Dynamics' Multipurpose Unmanned Tactical Transport (W-MUTT) T360 M2

OPERATIONAL DESCRIPTION: Designed for forward deployed, dismounted small units that can benefit from the robotic transport of equipment and supplies in all types of terrain.

• One platform off-loads a fire team's load: two per Squad. • Simple, maintenance-free design minimizes logistics support. • Long-duration, JP-8 compatible hybrid power plant. • Extreme mobility over steep slopes, sand, mud, and water. • Quiet, the controller-less following is ultra-reliable and all-weather • 1kW expeditionary power 110VAC • Minimal training and affordable design support high BOIP

• 50% payload fraction and payload up to 600lbs • Typical speed of 4mph with dash speeds up to 8mph • All-terrain skid steer with 11-inch ground clearance • 54" W x 60" L highly articulated suspension • Extremely small C.G.; 30 deg grade/side slope • Heavy fuel hybrid electric power plant (early/mid-2017) • 16-hour fuel tank (up to 72 hours with aux fuel tank) • Quiet <50dBa at 7 meters • Ultra-reliable "maintenance free" design • Controller-less, day/night, all-weather ops; no OCU/RF issues • Can "train" multiple systems together • Rapidly configured for towing up to 40 mph • 1 kW expeditionary power while stationary



Value to the Warfighter

A. Value: The warfighter will be able to bring robotically controlled sustainable firepower with the M2 heavy machine gun on an enemy out to 1200 meters away while having cover from enemy fire. The Squad would benefit from having the M2 automated and remotely controlled, thereby increasing its force protection during its engagements with enemy forces and positions.

B. Measure: What are the proper standards of how the proposed technology contributes to the associated capacity? The General Dynamics' Mutt would increase fires accuracy on the battlefield with a variety of sensors on the Mutt and the T360 including Laser Rangefinder, Thermal Camera vision, day camera and live video feed, CBRNE sensors, and mine detection. The MUTT also can pull a small trailer carrying an additional resupply of ammunition and other Classes of Supplies reducing the burden on troops and decrease the time and resources required to support tactical operations. 



Concept of Operations (CONOPS): Employment and Proposed Force Structure (Post-Experiment).

The warfighter will be able to bring robotically controlled sustainable firepower with the M2 heavy machine gun on an enemy out to 1200 meters away while having cover from enemy fire. The Squad would benefit from having the M2 automated and remotely controlled, thereby increasing its force protection during its engagements with enemy forces and positions.  This technology would be employed at the squad and platoon levels (specifically the weapons squad).



Operational Description: T360 A4 M2

  • Ultra-light (80lbs for the M2 with controller) mounts/dismounts in minutes.  
  • Send/receive standard digital messages, targeting data, and streaming video accept commands from radar.
  • GPS/Laser Ranger Finder integrated.
  • Slew-to-cue moves or prompts gunner to move the weapon system to azimuth/grid location.
  • Multiple fire controls to choose from accepts moving target cue that detects and prompts gunner to target.
  • The weapon is installed, zeroed, and ready for Squad support by fire missions within minutes.  Compared with currently fielded CROWSs, the T360 offers 80% less weight, a 50% reduction in profile, and a powerful, compact fire control platform.
  • Multiple safeties designed for fire control to ensure the operator's field of fires and direction of fire, and a remote cut off switch is available for leader oversight/override.     


Joint Operational Capability:  T360 M2 and W-MUTT

  • T360 A3 Technical Readiness Level TRL 9, for ground combat operations. It was tested by the U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Army (ARDEC) Safety Release for live fire. MUTT TRL-9.
  • Designed and optimized for the standard-issue M240B 7.62mm. Weapon option also includes the M249 5.56mm, Browning M2 12.7mm HMB.  General Dynamic's .338 NM LWMMG, ARES 7.62mm, Externally Powered Gun (EPG), and the M134 7.62mm minigun. Not all of these weapon options are fully developed for T-360 W-MUTT integration.
  • The TRAP T360 will integrate with most other weapon systems currently in the DOD supply system.
  • Three-axis gyro-stabilization with an auto-target tracking option.
  • Operates on 24-28 VDC onboard power.
  • 600+ Rounds 12.7mm ammunition capability provides warfighter the firepower to sustain combat effectiveness with safe reload procedures.
  • Sensor payload options: Day camera, thermal imager, laser rangefinder, GPS
  • Remote charging capability for the M2, the weapon can also be manually changed
  • Motion/Aim capability enables the weapon to engage effectively high-speed threats moving in opposite directions.
  • Minimum speed:  < .25°/sec, Azimuth range:  360° (physical hard stops to limit scope), Azimuth speed:  140°/sec, Elevation range:  80°, Elevation Speed:  60°/sec.
  • Freewheel manual capability on both axes Manual override within seconds to control weapon if there is the loss of power, the M2 becomes crew fully served.
  • The T360 has demonstrated the accuracy of 91% shots on target at 800 meters.
  • MUTT meets the SMET requirement of the U.S. Army and Marines Squad Maneuver Equipment Transport Requirement.
  • MUTT can carry a squad's worth of gear for a 72-hour patrol.
  • MUTT can keep up with the Squad or lead the Squad.
  • The MUTT can carry more energy than required to power itself and still has the strength to charge personal squad devices making it aa mobile charging station.
  • The MUTT / T360 can be transported by a transport helicopter or be slung below CH-47 or CH-53.
  • The MUTT / T360 can be autonomous or semi-autonomous and can be used for patrolling or Forward Operating Base (FOB) base perimeter security.