W-MUTT with T-360A4 M2


Multipurpose Unmanned Tactical Transport (MUTT) with Precision Remotes T360 Stabilized Weapon Station


OPERATIONAL DESCRIPTION Designed for forward-deployed, dismounted small units that can benefit from robotic transport of equipment and supplies in all types of terrain. 

• One platform off-loads a fire team’s load; two per Squad. • Simple, maintenance-free design minimizes logistics support. • Long-duration, JP-8 compatible hybrid power plant. • Extreme mobility over steep slopes, sand, mud and water. • Quiet, controller-less following is ultra reliable and all-weather • 1kW expeditionary power 110VAC • Minimal training and affordable design supports high BOIP

• 50% payload fraction and payload up to 600lbs • Typical speed of 4mph with dash speeds up to 8mph • All-terrain skid steer with 11 inch ground clearance • 54” W x 60” L highly articulated suspension • Extremely low CG; 30 deg grade / side slope • Heavy fuel hybrid electric power plant (early/mid 2014) • 16 hour fuel tank (up to 72 hours with aux fuel tank) • Quiet <50dBa at 7 meters • Ultra-reliable “maintenance free” design • Controller-less, day/night, all-weather ops; no OCU/RF issues • Can “train” multiple systems together • Rapidly configured for towing up to 40 mph • 1 kW expeditionary power while stationary CONTACT INFORMATION

General Dynamics Land Systems 38500 Mound Road Sterling Heights, MI 48310 Tel:  (586) 825-4000 Web:  www.gdls.com   


T360 with GD W-MUTT UGV