Precision Remotes has been an industry leader in remote weapons since 1997 and is now offering Engineering Services.  We specialize in mechatronic designs that seamlessly integrate mechanical, electrical, and embedded software elements.  It is our primary objective to meet the design requirements with the simplest solution regardless of whether the operating environment is the mountains of Afghanistan or at ocean depths of 1000m.  We pride ourselves on retaining a close relationship to the customer throughout the entire design process.  Understanding the customer’s vision of the end product is not as simple as meeting the design specifications.  A successful product requires a shared vision.
PRL will take your design from inception to reality using modern tools such as 3D modeling, Finite Element Analysis, and multi-layer PCB design.  On the software side, the appropriate environment is chosen whether the code runs on bare metal or a complex operating system such as Windows. 
PRL’s Engineering Services will provide you with the complete solution.