Operation and Training Brief

The Sentry is the enclosure and platform that contains the weapon and ammunition.  A Sentry is typically installed on a tower, near the facility’s edge, within a platform at the top.



The Sentry is an armored turret that can spin 360 degrees, for reduced vulnerability and full circle coverage. In most installations, the Sentry engages a fence line close to the facility’s edge.  The Sentry exterior panels are bullet and blast hardened.  Its door opens vertically when the weapon is deployed.  There are two removable panels on the sides, which are present to expose the ROWS for loading and maintenance.  A sprung loaded top cover provides access


from above.  Laser Dazzler option deploys on when SENTRY Weapons door opens preventing direct small arms fire into the system.  



The integrated MILES transmitter/receiver provides security and training functions. 


 The MILES transmitter is mounted on the WSP (Weapon Sensor Package) within the Sentry turret.  It is integrated into the ROWS and serves as part of Trainer Mode.   

IMPORTANT NOTE: When Trainer Mode is engaged, the weapon stays locked into the bullet trap, but the Optics Arm will raise & deploy.  Instead of the weapon barrel coming out of the Sentry door, it’s the Optics Arm with the MILES transmitter. 


The Optics Arm moves like the weapon.  The Sentry turret will spin as though the gun is deployed.  But while in Trainer Mode, the Sentry is entirely safe.

left_imageDuring Trainer Mode, the Operator has the ability to ‘fire.’  Doing so activates the MILES, which triggers a red LED on the back of the MILES transmitter.  This indicates that the ‘weapon’ is firing.  The WSP also contains a MILES receiver, which gives it the ability to measure ‘shots’ from personnel when training and automatically disable the system if hit.  The sensitivity of the MILES receiver can be set for a realistic number of shots required to theoretically disable the SENTRY and take it out of the defense. Weapon barrel stays locked into the ROWS bullet trap.  This is the position of the weapon during Training Mode.  The MILES Optics Arm extends during Training Mode instead (no personnel risk). The MILES training mode allows the licenses to run FoF security drills safely and employ the ROWS in a realistic scenario rather than the contrived and unrealistic FoF removals in the past.         


Each installation comes with a T-360 Training unit mounted on a tripod for training security and safety personnel on how to operate and maintain the system successfully. This training is carried out by Precision Remotes/ IEC Infrared Sales and Service support personnel.