SENTRY II C2 ROWS System Command / Control and Safety Systems

The Command Control (C2) and Remotely Operated Weapon Station (ROWS) together form a networked weapons system intended to protect nuclear power plants and other essential facilities. The system consists of C2 and multiple weapon platforms (Sentry).  Each Sentry turret contains and operates one of two weapon types: the ARES EPG or the M240-SLR.  The EPG is the primary weapon covered here—coverage of the M240-SLR or other weapons provided on request.  


Precision Remotes LLC makes the C2 and ROWS system.  Precision Remotes has designed and manufactured military-grade remote-operated weapons systems and surveillance platforms since 1997.  Their weapons systems protect nuclear power plants, USAF bases, and other military operations and facilities.

Precision Remotes LLC is an ISO 9001 registered company located in Cleveland, Ohio. Contact us at john.warner@precisionremotes / 1(216) 293-4201 x 102

Location Configuration

Location Configuration is a one-time setup, done on-site by Precision Remotes; this is to customize the C2-ROWS system to match the facility. 

The configuration includes: Map setup and scaling. Precision Remotes performs a site survey to match an overhead image of the facility onto the map view (to scale). The ROWS icons are placed on the map at their designated locations. Finally, preset targets may be selected and programmed into the map view's controls.  


Battlestation C2 Overview

The BattleStation Command Control (C2) is the name for the software and hardware which operate & control the ROWS system. The C2 has a graphical user interface and consists of the Supervisor station, multiple Operator stations. There are typically two to four ROWS attached to the network.


There are typically three users who operate the C2 and ROWS system—the Security Supervisor and two Operators. During normal operations, the Supervisor has the final authorization for enabling the two Operator stations and firing of the weapons by the Operators. The Supervisor can also shut down all ROWS and select ROWS mode or trainer mode. When authorized by the Supervisor, each Operator can choose any available ROWS, once decided that ROWS is no longer available to the other Operator. The Operator can deploy and stow (also, referred to as unlock and lock) the ROWS, and to target, arm, safe and fire the weapon. The Supervisor can disable the Operator stations or prevent firing at any time. 


Larger ratio Supervisor stations are available if additional Operator stations and ROWS are required. 

Supervisor station

The Supervisor station consists of a touchscreen PC with the SNU (Supervisor Network Unit) Panel mounted to its bottom and an SNU Rack to manage the connection between the C2 and ROWS. This station authorizes the activation of the Operator station(s) and firing of the weapon by the Operator station(s).  

The Supervisor touchscreen displays a map of the facility and a targeting screen.  The map views Operators' activity & weapon status. The Supervisor may enable or shut down all ROWS, and enable/disable the Operators' stations. The SNU Panel allows for changing from ROWS Mode to Trainer Mode, and to enable/disable the ROWS Triggers.  Both switches control the SEDS (Supervisor Enable Disable Switch), where the ROWS can only be Armed if TRIGGER is set to ENABLE and MODE is set to ROWS.  Typically, one key is shared between the two switches to enforce the correct sequencing.



The SNU (Supervisor Network Unit) Rack is the conduit between all Sentry ROWS, the Supervisor station, and the Operator stations.

All content from the Sentry ROWS (e.g., video feeds, ROWS status) are fed to the SNU via streaming IP, on fiber or copper connections.  From there, data flows to the Supervisor and Operator stations via Ethernet connections.  

Operator station

The Operator station consists of a touchscreen PC and RWS Controller.  There are typically two Operator stations. This station allows monitoring of premises, selection, and control of the Sentry, targeting, arming, and firing.  Activation of Operator stations and firing of the weapon requires authorization from the Supervisor station. The touchscreen and the controller are the primary interfaces for the Operator station user.  The Targeting window displays weapon video from the selected ROWS. The Map view shows the Sentry activity and weapon status.  Using the touchscreen and controller, the Operator selects a ROWS, Arms, or Disarms the weapon, fires, and shuts down the selected ROWS.  

While the primary input interface is a soft keyboard, the Operator may plug a keyboard into the station via one of two USB ports on the station's right side.  The RWS Controller plugs into the Controller Port.  It provides a control for the Sentry pan/tilt/zoom, menu access, and firing of the weapon. Each Operator station connects to the Supervisor Net Unit (SNU) via Ethernet.  


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