ROOK & TRAP T-360 M240 Remotely Operated Weapon System


When law enforcement officers are called to any emergency situation – they have to be prepared for the worst case scenario. Whether dealing with a hostage rescue, barricaded suspects, riot scene, or natural disaster, having the tactical advantage is critical.

The Rook Armored Vehicle is custom designed and fabricated by Ring Power Corporation, the North, and Central Florida Caterpillar Dealer. Utilizing the powerful Cat® chassis as the base, The Rook provides service advantages that other tactical vehicles just don’t have. Unlike traditional armored vehicles, The Rook is capable of being used in tight areas both inside and outside of public buildings to transport personnel or equipment and for surveillance. It is designed with mission specific attachments that increase job safety and can easily be changed depending on specific needs. Law enforcement agencies across the United States and around the globe utilize The Rook to confront complex threats and make tactical operations safer.


The Rook Vehicle Specifications

 • Cat® chassis  • 74.3 Gross HP Engine • Cab Reinforcement Fabrication with NIJ Level IV Armor • 13,300 lbs. Operating Weight

Includes these Attachments: • Armored Deployment Platform (ADP) with integrated wireless video camera system • Hydraulic Breaching Ram (HBR) with open video system • Vehicle Extraction Tool (VET) • Grapple Claw (GC) • 25’ x 8’ Gooseneck Trailer with additional 6’ dovetail loading ramp, two 12,000 lb. Axles, tandem dual wheels & tool box

Optional Equipment & Upgrades (At Additional Cost):  • OC Dispenser System – for deployment of OC from the front of the Hydraulic Breaching Ram. • Integrated Night Vision • FLIR Thermal Imaging • Tactical Breaching Tools mounted to Platform • Light Bar Package (LED) • Wireless feed with wrist mounted monitors for team • Warranty Upgrades – Parts and Labor Extended Service   Coverage 36 Months/3,000 hours. • Wireless Remote Control • CW, TICS & TIMS detection  • CBRN cab-overpressure • Explosives / IED mitigation package • Real-time video uplink

ROWS Weapon System Specifications

The TRAP T360 M240 is the lightest (32kg) and most cost effective, remotely operated weapons platform; that was designed to mount the M240 (7.62) machine gun.


The T360 M240 is fully stabilized and uses the latest PRL Target Tracking technology.

The TRAP® T360 M240 is the new standard for ultra-lightweight, precision aim, remotely operated weapon systems for manned or unmanned ground, marine, or aerial vehicle.

  • Target tracking enables the gunner to keep eyes on the target and greater situational awareness
  • Stabilization provides superior observation and engagement capabilities
  • Unique high speed/precision 360º drive system allows faster target engagement and effortless tracking capability
  • Integrates with sniper detection technologies, cursor-on-target, or other sensors for automatic hand-off and slew-to-cue operation
  • At 32kg, the weapon system is easily transported from one vehicle to another vehicle, a tripod, an Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) or retractable mast for multiple mission use. One asset – various purposes!
  • Quick transition (one person, no tools) between remote/ manual operation, mounted/dismounted placement  within 5 minutes, no complicated integration needed



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