R550 Lightweight, Low Power, High Torque Tactical Surveillance Unit



The R550 is a lightweight, low power, high torque pan and tilt unit for use in tactical surveillance operations.  The R550 is serial and Ethernet controlled.  The R550 is fastest to put into operation using its onboard GPS and compass.  The R550 can precisely move as slow as 0.01 deg/s or as fast as 40 deg/s.  The R550 is lightest in its class at 3.2kg while producing torque to move an 18kg payload.  The R550 operates on batteries producing as little as 7 VDC and up to 28 VDC.  This allows the user to make full use of a 12 V battery.  The low power draw of the R550 allows for indefinite duration operations when coupled to a Precision Remotes solar power system.  The R550 is sealed against the elements to IP67 and operates down to -18 deg C and up to 70 deg C.  The payload interface is the widely accepted M1913 Picatinny rail.  The R550 quickly attaches to a modular tripod for efficient packing.  Besides a customer’s serial or Ethernet control system, the R550 can be controlled using Precision Remotes’ BattleStation ™ intuitive interface.  The R550 is the only solution for users who demand the highest performance while minimizing size, weight and electrical power draw.

  • Weight: 3.2kg (7 lb.)
  • Torque: 9Nm
  • Azimuth Range: 360 degrees
  • Elevation Range: +/- 30 degrees
  • Min / Max Velocity: 0.01 / 40 deg/s
  • Communications: Ethernet and Full Duplex RS232 / RS422
  • Environmental: IP 67
  • Payload Capability: 18kg (40 lb.)
  • Short Lead Time:  <10 Weeks Typical
  • ITAR Restrictions: None
  • Dimensions: 232mm H x 137mm W x 218mm L (9.1”x5.4”x8.6”)