Product: IEC Day / Thermal Camera Package
P/N: P011520
Weight: 5.8lbs / 2.6Kg
Size: 79 x 31 x 32”H / 200.7 x 78.7 x 81.3cm
Description: This is the combination Day/Thermal camera package for the T360 system.

Detailed Specifications:

Input Voltage: 12-18VDC
Peak Power: @12V:23W, @15V:30W, @18V:38W
Continuous Power: @12V:8.52W, @15V:10.05W, @18V:11.52W
Continuous Power with Heaters: @12V:18.12W, @15V:25.05W @18V:33.12W
Day Camera Window: Sapphire
Thermal Camera: Uncooled LWIR 640x480 with Athermalized 12° HFOV, Germanium Optics
Thermal Video Post-Processing: Edge Enhancement and Spatial Frequency Compensation
Mechanical Alignment of Thermal and Visual Cameras: +/- 0.3 mrad parallel (+/-1” @100yrd)
GPS: Integral GPS with Antenna