The new SCORPION T360S M134 is designed as a precision remote controlled area weapon for special applications such as High Security Facilitiies, Aircraft, Naval and Special Warfare Opertations. The modified TRAP ROWS platform provides an excellent mobile mount for the Dillon M134 with ground mounted 2500, 3500 or 4500 cans.

The SCORPION is fully stabilized for optimal performance and also utilizes Precision Remotes new target tracking feature to track multiple target and putting lead on the target quickly and precisly with maximum affect. The SCORPION T360S M134 provides maximum firepower and allows the operator to remain out of harms way and able to survive the firefight and deliver hell to the enemy. The SCORPION also give you unequalled mobility so you can change vehicles and change missions with the same ROWS. The T360S is fully self contained and does not need to be build into your vehicle, boat or aircraft, YOU CAN MOVE IT IN ABOUT 10 minutes. No other ROWS manufacturer can offer this kind of versitility to protect the warfighter and give them a real advantage in a firefight.

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