Precision Remotes / IEC Infrared TRAP T-360 A4 M2

The TRAP T-360 M2 is the Lightest weight (85 lbs.) and most cost-efficient, remotely operated weapons platform to mount the M2 .50 caliber machine gun successfully.  The T360 M2 is fully stabilized and can utilize the latest target tracking technology like the Aim-Lock RM-1.  The TRAP T360 sets the standard for lightweight, precision aiming, remotely operated weapon systems for manned or unmanned ground, marine, or aerial vehicles. The T-360 A4 M2 is currently at TRL-7. The upgrade to the RWS chassis, vibration control, and optics is currently under development to further improve operations and long-term performance.

  • Remote Control offers the gunner to be out of harm's way while operating the system.
  • Target tracking enables the gunner to keep eyes on the target and greater situational awareness
  • Stabilization provides superior observation and engagement capabilities
  • Unique high speed/precision 360º drive system allows faster target engagement capability
  • Integrates with sniper detection technologies, cursor-on-target, or other sensors for automatic hand-off and slew-to-cue operation
  • Weighing only 85 lbs., the weapon system is easily moved from one vehicle to another vehicle with one person and no tools required.
  • One RWS asset – multiple missions!