Battlestation Command and Control for Rows

Battlestation sets the new standard for the simple, safe operation of Remotely Operated Weapon Systems.
  • Remote Weapon Control should not be an afterthought
  • Designed with over 17 years ROWS experience
  • Designed for ease of use in a high stress environment
  • Icon Based Touchscreen Control
  • Operator trained in minutes
  • Hardware encrypted fire control
  • Open architecture to allow integration with virtually any sensor for slew-to-cue operation (Radar, shot detection, perimeter security sensors)
  • Scalable and portable software
  • Small code footprint suitable for embedded applications



This system can be configured to integrate with a variety of platforms and systems, enabling the development of ROWS of technology applications to support a variety of customers and missions.

  • High-Security Nuclear Weapon Storage Facilities and Launch Sites
  • Fixed Site High-Value National Security HQ's and Affiliated Sites
  • Nation Security Communication Command and Control Facilities
  • US Nuclear Power Generating Plants
  • Foreign Nuclear Power Generating Plants