Remotely Operated Weapon System
ROWS Technology


  • —NetROWS
    • Multiple remotely operated lethal and non-lethal weapon systems networked and integrated to a single command center.
    • Able to link into the customer’s wireless frequency
  • —Stabilization
    • Weapon and optics are not affected by ROWS movement
  • —Target Tracking
    • Weapon and optics can be locked onto a target
  • —Weapon Housings
    • Customized to customer needs and locations
    • Securely stored in environmentally secure housings
    • Bullet Proof Armoring
  • —Easy to Use Command Center
    • Touch screen capability
    • Co-located weapon station optics
    • Integrated Safety using a Supervisor Enabled Disabled Switch (SEDS)
    • Integrated weapon charging actuator
  • Lethal Weapon Types
    • M240, M240SLR, SR-25, M134, M2, EPG 7.62 and more…
  • Non-lethal Weapon Types
    • Smoke Grenades, LRAD, Laser Dazzler, Rubber Bullets and more…
  • Light Weight
    • 75 Pounds W/O Weapon
  • Low Power Requirements
    • 144 volts at peak or 6 amps


Products and Services

Lethal and Non-Lethal Products

  • —T360 Tactical
    • Portable and versatile on many mounting applications
  • —T360FS
    • Fixed structure mount
    • Stored in a secure housing  out of sight
  • —T360 Inverted
    • Interior protection
  • —T192 Back Pack ROWS
    • Ultra light weight 


  • Security assessment
  • Network integration
  • ROWS Systems training
  • Wireless integration
  • Warranty and repair


















Government Certifications and Licenses

  • —ISO 9001 - International Standards Organization
  • —ITAR - International Traffic in Arms Regulation
  • —Federal Firearms License


Current Facility ROWS Customers

—Nuclear Facilities

  • Grand Gulf  Prairie Island  Palisades
  • Indian Point  Waterford  River Bend


—Air Force Facilities

  • Whiteman  F.E. Warren  Malstrom
  • Minot  Creech  Kirtland
  • Lackland