The Future of Nuclear Security

Technological Impacts and Increased Operational Safety

The price to maintain an effective security plan makes vulnerable the benefits of generating electricity.  In today’s regulated environment, nuclear security faces myriad challenges that that not only jeopardize the operational excellence of the organization, it now threatens the very core of business in the nuclear industry, revenue. 

Precision Remotes LLC (PRL) has over a decade of operating experience in protecting this nation’s nuclear assets, both commercially and within government agencies.  The technology impact of remotely operated weapon systems (ROWS) establishes high assurance in security plan effectiveness and offers one of the only means available to adjust strategies to capture significant cost savings.

PRL’s solution delivers what no one else can:

  • Increases Security Force Survivability
  • Evaluate to Eliminate People Capital
  • Delivers Hard Cost Savings (1 year return on investment)
  • Reduce year to year O&M/Overtime
  • Protect High Radiation Areas (ALARA)
  • Maintain Continuous Security during/after Natural Disasters

PRL’s technology meets regulatory requirements as outlined in the NRC endorsed documents, NEI 03-12 (Template for the Security Plan, Training and Qualification Plan, Safeguards Contingency Plan, (and Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation Security Program)) and NEI 11-08 (Guidance on Submitting Security Plan Changes). 

Advanced designs and engineering has also enabled PRL to offer:

  • Increased Ratio for ROWS to Operator
  • Address ISFSI Protection Requirements
  • Eliminated Concerns with Survivability of ROWS in FOF Evaluated Exercises
  • Safety/Security Interface
  • Work Hour Controls
  • NRC Performance Indicator to Reduce Dose





Nuclear Power Plant Defense with PRL ROWS Systems