Check Point Demonstration of Tactical T360 being retasked to Vehicle Use

Precision Remotes TRAP T-360 Remotely Operated Weapons System with the M240 machine gun.

This video demonstrates how easily this system can be used in a tactical role on a tripod guarding a checkpoint and then quickly switched and mounted to a vehicle for mobile firepower. The T360 is fully stabilized and features PRL Target Track, to make sure you hit precisely the right target all the time. You will notice that no special tools or equipment is needed to remount the T360 to the standand NATO ring.


Vehicle Mounted TRAP T-360 Stabilization - Accurate Fire on-the-Move


  • Ideal for weight constrained vehicles; weighs in at an ultra-light 75 pounds
  • Ideal for space constrained vehicles, only two components
  • Ideal for power constrained vehicles; operating at a miniscule 170 watts, full motion
  • Fits directly into the NATO standard 2.5 inch ring mount receptacle
  • Installed/removed in less than five minutes using no tools
  • Reverts to crew served operation in seconds
  • Continuous 360 degree azimuth movement
  • Azimuth/Elevation limits
  • No fire zones
  • Stabilized Gyro based system with image stabilzation.
  • Accommodates 5.56mm (600 rounds), 7.62mm (400 rounds)
  • Powerful day/night optics
  • Integrates with external sensors for slew-to-cue and/or object-tracking functionality
  • Extremely accurate: firing to the theoretical accuracy of the weapon
  • Operates on vehicle power
  • Game-boy style controller for ease of training

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