PRL New Innovative M240 SRL Combined Charging Actuator


The M240SLR Combined Actuator is a mechanical device that manipulates the weapon's charging handle and safety button.  By automating these functions, the important process of "immediate action" is possible without weapon sear damage.  The actuator provides the user the ability to take immediate corrective action to return a previously jammed weapon to a functional state.  It eliminates the need to set the weapon to "fire" before manipulating the charging handle.  Additionally, the user has the option of delaying the chambering of a round until the last possible second.  This is important because it eliminates the customer concern of having a loaded weapon during non-combat operations.  For example, the weapon can be made ready to fire as it is deployed from a T360FS weapon housing.

Depending on the customer’s command and control needs, the charging actuator software can be tailored to meet customer implementation requirements with minimal effort.