PTZ Camera with MILES

A MILES Small Arms Transmitter is attached to a co-located PTZ camera. When in training mode, the
camera’s motion adjusts to mimic the motion of the ROWS. The operator takes aim at a target and “fires” the MILES transmitter. An ammunition counter and speaker (to simulate gun fire) are included.

  • Ideal for training, 24-7
  • Ideal for Force-on-Force (FoF) exercises
  • Reduces manpower and overtime requirements for training/FoF activities
  • Maintains readiness and integrity of defensive strategy by not replacing active weapons with MILES weapons

When training or FoF exercises are to begin, the Supervisor uses a key switch to deactivate all ROWS and activate the training mode. All ROWS motion and “firing” are now mimicked by the co-located PTZ. Should an actual threat occur during the training or FoF, the Supervisor switches back to its active mode and ROWS is ready for immediate engagement.


T360 ROWS Trainer

PRL’s ultra-light, T360 ROWS Trainer offers the operator the chance to live-fire the ROWS, gain experience in tracking targets and become familiar with all handcontroller functions. The T360 Trainer is easily portable,
allowing for safe storage when not in use. The kit comes standard with a hand-controller and operator training station. An optional tripod is available.