The T360FS weapon station is the pan/tilt device which controls movement and firing of the weapon. The weapon station normally resides in an environmental housing in a safe position, out of sight, locked, and alarmed. The front door of the housing is armored. Lightweight, aluminum, top and side access panels allow for safe and easy maintenance of the weapon and weapon station. The T360FS comes standard with a day camera and thermal imager.


  • 24/7, Day/Night Capable.
  • Less than 5 seconds for weapon deployment.
  • Weapons currently supported: M240, M240SLR, SR 25, LR 308, M249 SAW, M82A1/M107
  • Each T360FS weapon station can be linked to external (organic) sensors for a “slew-to-cue” solution. Upon detection of an incident, the alarmed sensor sends a signal to the Command Center. When the weapon station is deploying, it moves in the direction of the incident, thereby significantly reducing reaction time. Operator action is required to engage targets.
  • Optional armor package for the weapon station provides additional protection against sniper fire.
  • Optional weapon safety actuator and/or charging actuator are available.
  • Inverted (upside down) weapon station available for a wall or ceiling mount (indoor) application.
  • Up to 10,000 meter standoff distance between the weapon station and the Command Center.