The Supervisor Console activates the ROWS network, provides oversight of the ROWS operators, and gives a real time view of ROWS status. The SC comes standard
with a touchscreen monitor and the Supervisor Enable Disable System (SEDS) panel. The touchscreen monitor displays a map view of the facility, location of each ROWS, status of each operator, and the ability to interrupt an operator station. The SEDS panel is a hard wired electrical (or optical) circuit designed to meet DOE Standard (DOE-STD-1047-2008) “Safety Functions and Other Features of Remotely Operated Weapon Systems (ROWS)”.

The SEDS panel performs the following:

  • EMERGENCY STOP Interrupts power to all ROWS on the network.
  • TRIGGER Allows all operators on the ROWS network the ability to fire the weapon, i.e. the trigger actuator is active.
  • OPERATOR DISABLE/ENABLE Allows all ROWS operators to activate any ROWS on the network (move the ROWS, operate the cameras, activate the weapon safety). It does not allow firing of the weapon. Only the TRIGGER switch allows firing of the weapon
  • MODE SELECT: ROWS/TRAINER Selects between activating ROWS or activating the co-located Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) cameras. The switch is placed in TRAINER position when training or performing a force-on-force exercise. When in TRAINER position, three actions occur. Power to the ROWS enclosure is disabled (so the weapon remains stowed in its enclosure, aimed safely at a bullet trap). All power to the trigger actuator is disabled (so the weapon’s trigger cannot be moved). All co-located PTZ cameras are activated and motion control is now enabled by the ROWS hand controller. The Operator moves the PTZ just as if controlling a weapon station. Should an incident occur while in TRAINER mode, the Supervisor returns the switch to the ROWS position and the network is reactivated.
  • COMMS STATUS Gives real-time status of the communication link between SEDS and the network.