Each Operator Console typically consists of one aiming monitor, one touchscreen monitor, and one control panel. The aiming monitor displays the image from the ROWS camera. The touchscreen monitor displays a map of the facility, the location of each ROWS, and the status of each ROWS (open/closed or controlled by another operator). Other configurations are available.

The operator switches control from one ROWS to another by touching the ROWS icon displayed on the touchscreen monitor. The operator uses the touchscreen for most command inputs. For safety, the operator cannot switch control to a ROWS already under the control of another operator. This streamlined design has been vetted by multiple user groups.

The buttons along the right side (touchscreen enabled) perform the following functions:

  • CLOSE Returns the weapon station to its stored position and closes the housing.
  • OPEN ALL Opens all ROWS (which are normally stowed in a weather-tight housing).
  • DAY Selects the color day camera.
  • THERMAL Selects the thermal imager.
  • SEMI Selects the weapon’s firing mode (semi-automatic, burst, full automatic).
  • SLEW TO MAP Touch a location on the monitor to
  • direct the weapon station to that location.
  • TARGETS Allows the operator to pre-select targets (e.g. fatal funnels), directing the weapon station to that target.


The CONTROL PANEL performs the following:

  • DISABLE/ENABLE Activates the ROWS network.  Both Operator and Supervisor move this key switch from DISABLE to ENABLE position for the Operator to take command of any ROWS on the network.
  • ARM Readies the weapon for firing (moves the weapon safety to its “off” position).
  • SAFE Engages the weapon safety.
  • STOP Shuts down the operation of the selected ROWS.