The T360FS ROWS Command Center or C2 represents the latest in improving your facility security and maximizing your available resources. The ROWS C2 allows security officers the ability to engage remotely operated weapons across long distances and from multiple locations. The ROWS C2 is a scalable, secure solution for those installations that require a distributed/networked control solution.


  • One operator controls multiple ROWS or multiple operators simultaneously control multiple ROWS.
  • Supervisor station provides for resource management/oversight.
  • Direct voice communication link between the supervisor and operators.
  • Programmable “no-fire” zones so critical structures are not inadvertently fired upon.
  • Wireless capable.
  • 19” rack design offers modularity in installation.
  • Intuitive, user friendly, touch screen display and PlayStation™ style hand controller enables the operator greater success when under duress and minimizes training time of new operators.
  • Scalable and configurable to meet operational needs.
  • Real time testing verifies all communication links are operating properly.