Using Technology to Protect Property and Assets

Protecting Property and the Community Safely!

Property and assets are becoming more vulnerable to infrastructure terrorism. One single act of terrorism on a key target like a; utility company, chemical storage facility, freight depot, shipping port and many others could have a rippling effect on our community and economy. Just imagine if your local utility substation was taken out of commission or a chemical storage facility was compromised endangering the local community. Any one of these terrorist attacks could cost millions of dollars in lost business due to loss of power, lost products and potential loss of lives.

Given our operating experience in protecting this nation’s nuclear assets and Air Force Bases over the past decade, we have the low cost remotely operated lethal and non-lethal weapon systems technology to solve the communities’ security concerns. The technology impact of remotely operated weapon systems (ROWS) establishes high assurance in security plan effectiveness and offers one of the only means available to adopt low cost strategies to safeguard property while keeping people out of harm’s way.


PRL’s solution delivers what no one else can:

  • Increases Security Force Survivability
  • Evaluate to Eliminate People Capital
  • Delivers Hard Cost Savings (1 year return on investment)
  • Reduce Year to Year Operations Management and Overtime
  • Protect Dangerous Chemical Areas
  • Maintain Continuous Security during/after Natural Disasters
  • Eliminate Security Guard Endangerment


 Advanced designs and engineering has also enabled PRL to offer:

  • Increased Ratio for Multiple ROWS to a Single Operator
  • Safety/Security Interface
  • Performance Indicator to Reduce Dose
  • Separate Supervisor Monitoring Station
  • Back-up in Case of Lost Power
  • Target Tracking
  • Bullet Proof Housings
  • Charging Actuator for Safe Weapon Storage
  • Non-Lethal and Lethal Capabilities