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By: John Warner

TRAP T-360 A3 RWS MRZR Weapon System 


Precision Remotes TRAP T360 M2

Nov 25, 2014

Precision Remotes TRAP T360 M2

The TRAP T360 M2 is the Lightest (34kg) and most COST EFFECTIVE, remotely operated weapons platform to successfully mount the M2 .50 caliber machine gun.  The T360 M2 is fully stabilized and utilizes the latest PRL Target Tracking technology.

The TRAP® T360 sets the new standard for light-weight, precision aim, remotely operated weapon systems for manned or unmanned ground, marine, or aerial vehicle.

• Target tracking enables the gunner to keep eyes on the target and greater situational awareness

• Stabilization provides superior observation and engagement capabilities

• Unique high speed/precision 360º drive system allows faster target engagement and effortless tracking capability

• Integrates with sniper detection technologies, cursor-on-target, or other sensors for automatic hand-off and slew-to-cue operation

• At 34kg, the weapon system is easily transported from one vehicle to another vehicle, a tripod, an Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) or retractable mast for multiple mission use. One asset – multiple missions!

• Quick transition (one person, no tools) between remote/ manual operation, mounted/dismounted placement