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By: John Warner

TRAP T-360 A3 RWS MRZR Weapon System 


KRAKEN / COSFPS with Precision Remotes T-360 Remote Weapons

Oct 13, 2013


The "Kraken" System combines Radar, Surveillance Cameras, Unmanned Ground Sensors (UGS), Gunshot Detection and two Precision Remotes TRAP-T360 Remote-Controlled Weapons.

At White Sand Missile Range, N.M. the Army recently evaluate this cutting-edge force-protection system which combines radar, surveillance cameras, unmanned sensors, gunshot detection and remotely-controlled weapons. The sensor and weapons are combined into a single, integrated system that can scan surrounding terrain for threats, alert Soldiers of ptential imminent danger and provide them options to respond. Precison Remotes weapon systems are part of the system because of the high quality of our equipment, susvivability and experitse in layered response with suveillance, detection and response by non-lethal or lethal force. 

The Combat Outpost Surveillance and Force Protectin System, or COSFPS, nicknamed "KRAKEN" after the mythological sea creature with many heads, was evaluated as part of the Army's 3,800-Soldier strong Network Integration Evaluation, or NIE at White Sands.

The Kraken utilizes two advanced Precision Remotes TRAP T-360 remotely operated weapons systems which can accomodate an M249 Semi-Automatic Weapon or an M240 machine gun for defense. The remote weapon's stations have night vision capabilities with a theraml digital zoom and target tracking. The Kraken along with PRL is showing quantitaively-significant operational utility fo the warfighter.