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By: John Warner

TRAP T-360 A3 RWS MRZR Weapon System 


Banshee: Remotely Operated Active Denial System

Oct 24, 2014

Automated Security Response Device to provide SECURITY, SURVIVABILITY and INTEROPERABILITY SYSTEM designed to protect interdependent critical infrastructures and thwart adversaries at the point of attack

Banshee’s 360o uncooled LWIR thermal imaging camera for complete site situational awareness is integrated with a mid to long range thermal and visual assessment camera and non-lethal deterrence package. 


Banshee is an integrated sensor and alarming solution designed to provide detection, assessment and deterrence of threats to both military and commercial operation sites.  The Banshee incorporates an uncooled LWIR 360o panoramic thermal camera that provides a complete live 360o thermal image in all weather conditions.  The 360o camera can detect humans to 300m and vehicles to 600m.  Upon detection of a threat, the IEC Werewolf assessment camera will slew to the target and provide recognition and identification of the threat.  Various thermal and visual payloads can be integrated as assessment cameras.  Once the threat is identified, the system utilizes a Max-Beam 12 million-candle power spotlight, Laser Dazzler and LRAD to deter the intruder.  All of this is easily controlled from a single PC by a single operator using IEC’s IntrudIR Alert® Command and Control Middleware.


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