Precision, Ultra-Light, Remotely Operated Weapon Systems (ROWS)

Ground Operations » TRAP T-360/T-250D


Download T-250D Specs

  • Weighs in at an ultralight 40 pounds (T-250D) or 75 pounds (T-360)
  • Mechanical azimuth/elevation end stops for defined
    fields of fire
  • Preset targets
  • Accommodates 5.56mm, 7.62, 0.50 cal
  • Powerful day/night optics
  • Integrates with external sensors for slew-to-cue functionality
  • Extremely accurate: firing to the theoretical accuracy
    of the weapon
  • Operates on battery, vehicle, generator, line power
  • Game-boy style controller for ease of operator training
  • Optional controller offers automated sweep/scan sequences for extended periods
  • Optional network controller operates up to four units from a central command center
  • Systems mount on GFE tripods (M3, M122) or on the highly configurable, 24 pound Delta tripod
  • Wireless capable

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