SENTRY II Remotely Operated Target Engagement Perimeter Defense System (ROTEPDS)

Precision Remotes/ IEC Infrared have leveraged there long history and experience in the design and development of automated systems for high-consequence operations for the development of an advanced command and control system for Remotely Operated Weapon Systems (ROWS) technology, enabling the development of new applications for a variety of security systems applications.

Recent events have dramatically increased the need for more effective, lower-cost perimeter security systems. Increasing security system effectiveness through traditional means with an armed guard force is difficult as the pressure to reduce the cost of security labor increases. One way to increase the efficacy is through recent technological advancements such as ROWS (remotely operated weapons systems) technology, which offers significant force multiplication, increased response efficiency, and improvements in delay and response.

Current ROWS technology, though widely available and in use by the military, was not initially designed with the safety design basis required to enable its use for other non-military security systems applications. PRL/IEC has developed an advanced command and control system that is designed for maximum safety and robustness to a variety of failure modes, dramatically improving its overall safety and enabling broader application of the technology. SENTRY II TRAP-T-360 command and control system. SENTRY II is the only system of its kind that has successfully passed and been approved by a Department of Defense Safety Review Board for other security systems applications through Sandia National Laboratories.

SENTRY II System Components


  • Operator Command and Control Station
  • Training Simulator: for continuous onsite training
  • Live Fire Trainer: for training at live-fire ranges
  • Maintenance Trainer: for the practice of maintenance operators on safe maintenance procedures and operations

SENTRY Benefits


  • A single operator with a near-instant response at multiple points of concern
  • Force multiplication "One Operator, Multiple SENTRY Weapons."
  • Increased effectiveness with hardened turreted rows.
  • Increased operator efficiency and weapon accuracy.
  • The operator removed from the "fog of war."

SENTRY Applications

SENTRY II Operational

This system can be configured to integrate with a variety of platforms and systems, enabling the development of ROWS of technology applications to support a variety of customers and missions.

  • High-Security Nuclear Weapon Storage Facilities and Launch Sites
  • Fixed Site High-Value National Security HQ's and Affiliated Sites
  • Nation Security Communication Command and Control Facilities
  • US Nuclear Power Generating Plants
  • Foreign Nuclear Power Generating Plants